Accessories for Kurtis

Kurti and  Jewelry
Accessories for Kurtis

Here are some must have accessories to pair with your Indian wear that every desi girl should have in her wardrobe! These will take your desi swag up a notch!

Every dress is especially crafted to go with a particular accessory. Hence, designer accessories are quite in vogue these days. The accessories that carry a brand logo are known as ‘designer accessories’. The popular designers create these ornaments keeping in mind the current fashion trends and styles. Also, it is a misconception that the women are the sole buyers of these accessories. In fact, men have a specialized accessory column in every designer store. These designer accessories are particularly popular among the now generation across the country. These days every youngster is careful about their looks. Moreover, traditional gold jewelry sets have become a thing of past with the present situation of designer accessories.

Even middle-aged women choose the ethnic designer jewelry to make their attire look more elegant. However, people often get confused between the vast varieties of accessories available. It is important to wear the right jewelry with your attire; else the overall look would suffer! Listed below are some tips to bag the right look!

Accessories for Kurtis:- Kurtis are a favorite among all age groups of women. Teaming a kurti with a gorgeous pair of earrings wouldn’t be a bad idea! You can choose either an identical color or a contrasting one; depending how colorful your kurta is. To enhance your look, you can go for ethnic, wooden or antique jewelry. Ivory is another option; though it would be a little heavier on your pocket. These would be easily available in a designer store.

Accessories for Kurtis

Accessories for Tunics:- Young girls often go for western tunics, as they are quite in vogue. For western attire, you must sport beaded, junk and metal jewelry. If a tunic is not accessorized appropriately, it often gives you a bland look. You can go for small, junk earrings or big loops. Also, some beaded bangles or bracelets would complete your look! 

Accessories for Tops:- Tops and tee-shirts are the most casual and comfortable. One can wear them anytime! So, it’s obvious that the jewelry with tops/tees has to be simple and elegant.Never over-do jewelry with tops or tees. Keep it sober. Go for small metal earrings or a stuffed beaded bracelet. A great option is to have a nice watch in your wardrobe. Designer watches are a good and accessible choice! 

Indian Ethnic Jewelry:- Indian ethnic jewelry is a non-western art that includes tribal, folk and traditional jewelry styles from India and its neighboring countries (like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.) This kind of jewelry often comes with a silver base. Ethnic jewelry is often pearl or gem or stone studded. It also comes in antique forms; that gives it an ancient hint. 

Latest Jewelry Trends:- The current trends of fashion calls for a desire to adorn yourself. There’s everything available from junk and beaded to sophisticated pearl and stone accessories. So, the pick is yours! Also, jewelry designers are now coming up with jewelry with folk art and styles. The collar necklace is an excellent example of such a folk jewelry form. The good thing about this jewelry is that you can team it up with almost anything. 

Hope these easy ideas would help you going for the look you’re looking for! Enjoy shopping!

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