Angrakha Style Kurtis

The Angrakha style kurtis is pretty much in vogue, among women of all ages. Kurtis of this style are inspired, from the traditional angarkha or the shorter version, known as angarkhi, which is worn by men in Rajasthan. Angrakha style kurtis, in their various colors and fabrics give the wearer an elegant look. Depending on the fabric, from which it is stitched, the Angrakha kurti can be worn for any occasion.

Angrakha kurtis have two flaps, lying on top of each other at the chest. Both the flaps are tied together by strings, which can be at the neck, chest, waist and even towards the underarm. The flaps can be adorned with buttons, sequins, stones, beads and embroidery. There are lots of varieties; you can easily find one, to suit your figure in the fabric of your choice

As a wearer, you can come up with your unique style of wearing the Angrakha kurti. You can pair it up with churidar, leggings, denim, patiala. The kurti can be of any length – waist length, mid-thigh length, above the knee, below the knee and calf length. Always choose the kurti, keeping in mind what will look good on your body

An Angrakha kurti made of silk, with embroidery is an elegant party wear. If you are tall and have an attractive figure, team up the kurti with a well-fitting churidar. High-heeled shoes will go very well with this, The waist-length kurtis look great with skirts as well; team it up with a long flowing skirt made of cotton. During summer time, an Angrakha style kurti made of fabrics like cotton, linen, ,mulmul ,organza, chiffon and chickan looks stylish. Soothing colors like white, beige and in pastel shades are very comfortable to wear. Floral prints, checks, stripes or prints, the kurtis look good in any pattern. You have to choose the kurti depending on the occasion – formal, casual or party wear.

For evening wear, you can choose a formal Angrakha kurti in dark colors like black, blue, purple and brown. With heavy embroidery.
Wear it with a stretch pant or leggings, matching jewelry and a nice pair of footwear.

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