Cotton Tunics

A cotton tunic can make you look elegant and classy. The fact that cotton comes in various quality and costs enables you to choose your stuff as per your needs and budget. Perfect wear for summer, cottons keep you cool and comfortable. These dresses can be worn for evening parties, as beach wear, office wear, as well as casual wear.

An important aspect of a cotton tunic is that they need to be maintained well. In other words, unless you wash, starch, and iron these clothes, they don’t radiate their original look. If you have designs on the cotton dress, these designs will perhaps look dull and unimpressive if your apparel doesn’t have the look as it should have. For designs and styles you can visit if you are planning to revamp your wardrobe this summer. If you don’t have enough cotton stuff, include them. They are sure to keep you cool.

Designs and Styles of Cotton Tunic

Tunics are available in various styles. Opt for checks of different colors, solid white color looks great anytime. This is also a perfect office wear. For office wear other colors for tunics you can use include beige, light yellow or any lighter shades.

You can also wear tunics to the beaches. They can be brightly colored. You can wear them with long or knee length skirts. Since it is beachwear you can wear slippers.

If you are planning to wear the cotton tunics for an evening gathering, make sure you choose the right kind of tunic. Your options include-

– Chinese collar tunic apparel of bright color. Team it up with a pair of trousers. To check out styles in this category, visit

– A jacket top is not a bad idea either. A tunic that resembles a jacket can be used too. Opt for cottons that are soft and keep you comfortable.

– An off shoulder tunic looks good for evening parties. You can use a clutch bag and high heels as accessories.

Hassle free Cotton Tunic Wear

If you think that maintaining cotton is a cumbersome job, opt for crinkled cotton outfits. There are various benefits of using crinkled cotton. Since the cloth is crinkled, you needn’t iron it regularly. It has the appearance of wrinkles in the fabric. So, you can wash the dress in cold water, air dry it and keep it twisted so that the crinkled appearance remains.

Basically a cotton tunic is attire that graces everyone’s wardrobe. You can wear a tunic with just about anything – a pair of jeans, a skirt, corduroys, formal trouser, and shorts. As accessories, you can use leather sandals. Carry a beach bag if you are setting off for the beach. Don’t forget the hat. If you are wearing it as semi formal, you can also wear leather boots.

Tunics are not just appropriate for the summers but also for autumn. So, get one that will stay for a couple of years. Since cotton tunics will never be out of fashion, you can get 2 or 3 outfits of different styles.

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