Find Your Body Type

Before jumping on the upcoming summer trends bandwagon, it is important to know your silhouette and see which clothing suit your body type better. 

There are 5 main body shapes for women namely Apple, Rectangle, Hourglass, Apple, Pear, and Inverted Triangle. 

Hourglass Body Shape

Characteristics:  The hourglass is regarded to have the best proportions. Upper and lower half perfectly balances each other, along with a sharply defined waist.

Your checklist for typical Hourglass body shape:

Your full bust-line and full hip-line are of the same width. A defined waist makes you look curvy.

Your waistline is considerably (5-10 inches) smaller than hips and bust-line.

You have the tendency to put on weight evenly throughout their entire body especially more on the lower half.

Dressing style: If you are blessed with hourglass figure, opt for clothes such as wrap dresses or kimono tops that accentuate your petite waistline and conceal your saddlebag area such as flared or boot-cut jeans. Choose well-fitted clothes that beautifully accentuate your fabulous curves.

Rectangle/Ruler Body Shape

Characteristics: A rectangle body shape comes with bust, hips and waist in same circumference. Women with rectangle figure typically reflect a masculine look due to lack of muscle mass.  

Your checklist for typical Rectangle/Ruler body shape:

You lack a distinct waistline.

Your waist circumference measures 1″ to 8″ smaller compared to the bust.

Your chest and hips are approximately of the same width.

Typically, you gain weight evenly throughout the entire body frame.

Dressing style: Compared to the other body frames, rectangle silhouette allows you to experiment with a wide variety of outfits and garments. Try out wide leg jeans or tulip skirt with ruffled tops or trendiest jacket/sweater in bright and eye catching colours to add illusion of a curvaceous waist.

Pear Body Shape

Characteristics: This figure is popularly known as spoons or triangles. Women with larger hips than the shoulders and bust falls under this category.

Your checklist for typical Pear body shape:

Your lower half of the body is more distinct than waistline and bust. In simple words, you are bottom-heavy.

Your shoulders are sloped and narrow.

Given your bigger booty, your waist is defined

Legs are distinctly muscular.

Dressing style: Fashionistas recommend that women flaunting a pear shaped frame must dress to emphasize their upper half, drawing attention to the neck, chest, and shoulders. Balance out a pear figure with slim skirts, dark-washed denims and bold printed shirts. Grab tops with bust-enhancing necklines such as sweetheart or bustier. Never miss accessorize to with a chic scarves.

Inverted Triangle or Cone Body Shape

Characteristics:Wider shoulders and bust-line with narrow hips are the striking features of this most athletic-looking silhouette.

Your checklist for typical Inverted Triangle or Cone body shape:

Your strong-looking chest-line and shoulders are distinctly wider than your straight hip-line

You project a sporty and athletic body figure.

Your great shaped legs are one of your best assets.

You lack defined waist.

Dressing style: Grab, flowing, fuller skirts to create an illusion of a curvier bust-line. You can safely bet on flare, boot-cut or wide leg jeans/ trousers. Go for collar-less shirts or tops to soften your shoulder-line. Avoid knit sweater or heavy fabrics for top-wear since that would add bulk to your bust-line and shoulders. Stay away from embellished shoulder detailing and shoulders pads.

Apple Body Shape:

Characteristics: Women with this figure are “top heavy”. They boast a full chest-line and upper back.

Your checklist for typical 

You distinctly have a big bust with a protruding tummy.

You seem to carry most of your weight around mid-torso and chest.

You appear to possess wide, fleshy shoulders, rib cage and back.

Your fabulous legs and boobs are real assets.

You possess little waist definition.

Specifically arms are slim.

Dressing style:  Low v-necklines would flatter your body frame and make your torso look narrower at the same time.  Add more volume to your narrow hips  with bias cut skirts or full circle skirts. Invest in a spandex shapewear to trim your waist inches.

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