Formal Wear

Formal Wear – Make a Bold Style Statement

Formal wear include ‘smart clothes’ that women can wear to work, important meetings, big official events or presentations, and celebrations. Some of the regular options for formal-wear wardrobe are:

Suits: You can pick either pant suits or skirt suits based on the occasion, season and personal comfort. For winter, autumn, and spring, woollen suits will be the best choice. For summer, go for cotton, linen or gabardine fabrics. If your garment (such as trousers) has belt loops, wear a 1/2 inch thick belt (coordinated with the outfit colour) to look appropriately dressed.

Blouses and Shirts: Invest in high-quality cotton, silk or microfiber blend shirts to wear beneath your suits or to team with trousers.

Shoes: For majority of business situations, low-heeled peep-toes or flats are suitable.

Accessories/ Jewelry: Keep your accessories sophisticated yet understated. A simple pair of diamond stud earrings matched with a delicate diamond pendant would be enough for that perfect look. Handbags must be large enough to accommodate all necessary items of make-up and technology.

“They expect a professional presentation, so they expect to see a ”professional.” Dress appropriately for the occasion, but don’t be one of the crowd.” rightly says Wess Roberts. The dress we wear is a reflection of our personalities. We have many shades of our personalities that we can express with our dress codes. Also, we need to wear it right to fit well in a space. So, while going to work, you wear a tailored suit, it suggests your professional aura; whereas while partying, you could flaunt your fashion IQ!
However, people often confuse the various attires with each other. It is integral to dress up right at every occasion; since the dress we wear reflects an aspect of our persona. To know better about what to wear when; scroll through this page.

Formal Attire: Formal wear is usually associated with apparel worn at work. Formal wear is meant to be comfortable yet professional. A perfect blending of the two makes a good formal suit, for both men and women. Formal clothing is often misunderstood as dresses to be worn at parties or weddings. The dresses we wear at parties/weddings are formal, too, but in a completely different way.
Formal Attire that is to be worn at office needs to be sober, smart and comfortable; whereas formal wear one wears at parties could be glossy, glamorous and dazzling. Hence, formal wear could be both: office wear and party wear.

Indian Formal Wear – Elegant Desi-ness

Sari: This garment is traditionally  Indian wear It comprises of a long, unstitched piece of cloth (usually about 6 yards) that is wrapped around the lower body (waist to ankle). In formal environment, cotton or silk saris can be worn with  blouses in different necklines and variations can be done in petticoats, like you can wear satin petticoat under shiffon or georgette saree.This alluring piece of clothing never fails to reflect “an air of sophistication”.

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