How to Dress to Look Taller

Does being “little” is turning into a little botheration? Then worry not. Use our dressing tips to transform yourself into a high flared diva.

Tip # 1 Discard Baggy Clothes:

Skin fitted clothes enhance the lines of the body, giving it a tall appearance. Baggy clothes do just the opposite. Exception being a loose shirt coupled with skin fitted jeans which in itself is an ideal attire to don “little” women with a tall aspiration. 

Discard Baggy Clothes

Tip # 2 Avoid Wearing Cropped Pants:

Crop shorts and capris should be discarded from the wardrobe, if short women happen to posses any, to be at par with the trend. They have a hidden power to make legs appear stubbier, thus making short women look petite. Those that end near the knee (like bermudas) are preferable as they give a rather longish appearance. The same funda applies to skirts as well. Little women should opt for skirts that end near the knee rather than the ankle.

Cropped Pants
Cropped Pants

Tip # 3 Don’t Put on Flat Shoes:

Flat shoes are a big NO-NO for short statured women. Such shoes, though very much a part of recent fashion will only end up making short people appear even shorter. What is advisable is to pick medium heeled shoes or even wedge heels to give a tall confidence level.

Flat Shoes

Tip # 4 Grab Skinny Jeans:

Turn a deaf ear to those who to tries to see logic in avoiding skinny jeans. Try it out, if in doubt and there is 90% chance that such jeans will give an illusion of height, especially if you are blessed with well shaped slim legs .Dark hued denims does the maximum magic.

Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans

Tip # 5 Shop Long Flowing Shirts:

Well-fitted long, flowing shirts help in enhancing the visual inches. Going for baggy shirts give an impression of a chubby, short figure.

Long Flowing Shirts

Tip # 6 Choose Darker Shades:

Dark hues have already been petite women’s favorite. Bulkiness has been the prime culprit behind most individuals’ so called short like appearance. Dark toned clothes, whether an upper or a lower piece can make a person look slimmer, trimmer and infact taller.

Dark toned clothes
Dark toned clothes

Tip # 7  Don’t Shy Away With  Layering:

The concept of layering can infact create wonders to your figure. When done in the right way, like layering a camisole top with a V necked top on the outside can create an illusion of height. Dark colored clothes on the outside, as mentioned earlier, always tend to give a height enhancement to the body.

Tip # 8 Flaunt the Right Hairdo:

Did you ever think that hairstyles can make or mar your stature? Research shows that long hair tend to shorter one’s stature whereas short or medium length hair enhances the height. Hence, the answer is there for those little women. Keep your hair short and stylish.


Tip # 9 Experiment with Different Stripe Styles:

Stripes can add the illusion of length to a short torso. Vertical stripes work best, though some have given preference to horizontal stripes as well. Turn and try to find out which one suits whom.

Different Stripe Styles
Different Stripe Styles

Tip # 10 Stress on Bright Colors:

Try and adorn a dark colored texture on that part of your body which is your pride. Be it a slim tummy or slender legs; don it with a sleek bright shirt or a vibrant pant respectively.

Stress on Bright Colors
Stress on Bright Colors

Remember it’s your personality which demands a towering respect. Make your dress attract attention enough for that respect.

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