Mens Fashion in India

As a fashion designer, below are a few tips that I would like to give the latest fashionstyle trends and tips, style ideas  for indian men

From the regular college goer, to the head honcho of a corporate organization, the men of today love flaunting their fashion sense as much as women. It is not unusual to see huge male crowds during seasonal discount periods of big fashion clothing brands, or a young male poring over the men’s style check section of a fashion magazine. What are the latest trends in the big, buzzing and rapidly changing world of men’s fashion? Here’s a quick look.

Formal Wear

You can put forward a subtle impression at the workplace, with suitable power dressing. Consider the cut, the fall and the material of your formal wear, during job interviews, regular workdays, or official events.


For a touch of dignified and stylish dressing, wear formal regular cut trousers with pinstripes, or in solid colors like off-white, navy blue, grey and black. In summer, crease-free linen trousers keep your legs breathing and look stylish.


Single breasted coats with two buttons are smart, and let you show off the formal shirt beneath. Conservative shades of dark grey and blue work well with coats, and for a semi-formal look, blazers are also common.


While classics like a formal white shirt and a jet-black one are mandatory, but formal wear for men is getting experimental and colourful. Wear shirts with touches of light pink or purple with élan?, while stocking up on classic formal patterns, such as elegant pinstripes and micro-checks. Black and white bold checks are trendy.

Casual Wear

Informal or casual wear emphasizes your fun-loving, cool and free side. Step up on bright colors, interesting patterns and make all the right noises with trendy casual wear.

Baggy Pants:  Light shaded baggy pants became popular following international fashion trends. Roomy at the top, these pants in shades of grey or subtle patterns of grey and black, focus on comfort.

Skinny Trousers

Slim fit sharply tailored trousers are the latest fashion, bringing the focus back on silhouettes. A far cry from baggy fashion, casual skinny pants in bright colors recreate the style of the ‘60s cigarette pants. Skinny khaki pants are a hot trend.


Skinny jeans remains in fashion, in classic greys and blues with sandblasted textures. From regular boot cut, the emphasis has now shifted to straight leg cuts and extra slim fits.

Cotton shorts and three fourths: Create a relaxed look effortlessly with straight cut, roomy bermudas and chinos. Previously meant for women, three fourths in light shades of cream and beige are now considered unisex cool fashion.

Funky Tees

Regular v-necks and round necks both work for tees. Stripes are a classic pattern that never seem to be go out of fashion. Broad stripes in different solid colors, for lightweight cotton or lycra material tees, look trendy and keep you cool.

Jodhpuri Suit: For ethnic occasions like weddings, get back to your roots with suits crafted in a traditional Jodhpuri style. Angarakha style and three piece are classic options for Jodhpuri suits.

Kurta Pyjamas: This attire bring out your Indian side, with flair and class. Lucknowi kurtas have evolved with changing fashion trends, and subtle embroidery near the neck with butis worked all over the body, look fashionable.

Shoes and Slippers

Slim pointy-toed shoes are trendy with both jeans and formal wear. Invest in genuine patent leather tuxedo boots for serious power dressing. 

Sneakers, loafers, and boat shoes go well with jeans and cargo pants. Slippers in two colour designs are also becoming popular, teamed with tee and bermuda combinations.

Enjoy the latest fashion for men, and pair your clothes with a well-groomed figure, stylish haircut and accessories to exude your confident style.

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