Most Beautiful types of Saree in India

Few other saree draping styles comprise of front pallu, half saree style, Bengali saree style, double drape, Tie on wrist, Coorgy style and more. 

We often say that God’s most beautiful creation is women and mostly classify the beauty of the women as per the dresses they wore. The traditional Indian attire, Saree is one of the most outstanding dresses worn by women. It can be by women of all ages, preferably on any occasion. Though fashion keeps changing but saree is the only dress line which never goes out of craze apart from the pattern, design and colour scheme. It is a must attire for any girl or woman.

Some of the common types of sarees to be seen in every woman’s wardrobe are: 

Banarsi Sarees

One of the most fascinating creations of Banaras city, these sarees are considered the finest in India. With heavy work of silver, gold, zari, and brocade, Banarsi saree have a special place in the heart of an ardent saree wearer. It represents style, pride and traditionalism.

Silk Sarees

Quite popular amongst Indian woman, silk sarees are famous across the world. The printed design, beautiful fine texture, fascinating embroidery and brilliant colour scheme makes this saree quite popular among women. Some of the silk sarees designs are Bhagalpuri silk, Kanchipuram silk, Mysore silk etc.

Tant Saree

Tant Saree is the renowned West Bengal attire. It is known for its transparency, lightness, comfort and designs. It can be worn as a casual wear as well as a party wear.

Kosa Sarees

Advancing a royal look to Indian beauty, Kosa sarees are accessible in different designs, patterns and colours. The pricing of the saree depends on the handwork and purity of silk.

Chiffon Sarees

Crafted with trendy designs, outstanding embroidery and unique look, the chiffon sarees are the most elegant sarees amongst the Indian saree collection. It is surely the first choice of Indian women.

Georgette Sarees

Available in enormous shades with exquisite ornamental work, Georgette sarees are the most cost effective sarees for Indian women. Easy to handle, washable, these sarees can be worn in plethora of styles.

Net Sarees

The evergreen net sarees are the most intent sarees amongst all sarees. It imparts a glamorous look to the wearer. It is eye-catching and modern.

Bandhani Sarees

Made with the conventional tie and dye artwork, the Bandhani sarees are famous in Gujarat and Rajasthan. They are available in plethora of styles like Lehriya print, Garchola style and Bandhej pattern.

Sambalpuri Sarees

Ranked as one of the most beautiful saree collections in India, Sambalpuri sarees are made of Silk, soft cotton and Taussor. It originated from the Sambalpur district of Orissa.

Chanderi Sarees: Crafted with a perfect blend of cotton and silk, Chanderi sarees are quite popular with women due to its light weight.

Nauvari Sarees
The conventional Maharashtrian style saree is known for its unique wearing style. The 9-yard long saree is worn without a petticoat in Kachcha style.

India is a hub of enormous type of sarees. Every state produces its unique style of saree. You might have witnessed, women of different states wear different styles of sarees and drape in different manner. Take a look at the states and their preferable saree style:

North India
Banaras- Banarsi, Cotton, Organza, Brocade, Zari, Jamdani, Jamevar and Silk Sarees
Kota- Cotton and silk mixed sarees with thread and zari work
Punjab- Phulkari Sarees
Jammu and Kashmir- Chinan Sarees, Tabi Silk Sarees and Kashmiri Kadai sarees

East India
West Bengal- Taant, Baluchari, Kantha and Printed Sarees Central India
Bihar- Plain Tussar Sarees
Madhya Pradesh- Chanderi Sarees, Tussar and Bafta Sarees

West India
Gujarat- Bandhani sarees, Patoli sarees
Maharashtra- Brocade Paithani Sarees
Rajasthan- Bikaneri and Bandhani Sarees, Kota Doria sarees

South India
Tamil Nadu- Kanjeevaram and Konrad sarees
Andhra Pradesh- Ikat and Patola sarees
Karnataka- Silk and texturized sarees
There are different types of Saree styles and there is one saree for each occasion. One can select saree as per the occasion.

  • Saree for Day wear
  • Saree for Party
  • Saree for Wedding
  • Saree for Festive Occasions
  • Saree for Lunch
  • Saree for Ethical Occasion
  • Saree for Business Meeting
  • Saree for Charity
  • Saree for Dinner

When you have so many sarees to drape for different occasion, then trying for different draping styles is also a must. Here is a list of best draping styles recommended for sarees

Full Body Wrap-
Not like the conventional sarees which is pleated and wrapped, this saree is wrapped all across the body. It is wrapped in centric circles across the body.

Strappy Blouse-
It is worn with a blouse which has straps similar to a swimsuit. The saree pallu is tucked below the strap of the blouse.

Saree with Holder-
The blouse of such saree feature a metallic roll for holding the pallu. The pallu is rolled like a scarf.

Pleated Wrap Saree-
Such sarees are wrapped with dual pallus reminiscing a gown.

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