Must Have Accessories For Women

Clad in stylish couture,strutting in high heels, a sloppy hat adorning those beautiful locks, fragrance of perfume that surrounds her aura. All eyes are on her!

This is what A Woman want . Woman in their late teens to high up in their ‘ty’s’ want to get that perfect fusionist look without burning a hole in their pocket. ‘ Is it possible?’, I bet that’s the first question popping up in your head. But gals! Worry not just read on for the must have accessories in your wardrobe and transform your self into a stylish Diva in a swish.

Footwear- The Comfort accessory!

There are quite an options to choose from! Think – are you comfortable walking in high heels? If yes, go for it, otherwise choose something from platforms, wedge heels and other such comfortable sandals which provides the similar look and comfort as well.

Bags: Style accessory!

It is the most pivotal designer fashion accessories. Great fashion bags make you look great too! A fashionable tote bag or a no fuss slingbag , clutches or shoulder bags- experiment with anything or everything! Just remember to buy a bag that’s not only stylish, but functional too. So, find just the right size of bag that suits your style and are convenient to carry too!

Chunky jewelry: Style statement!

Chunky jewelry is one of the major fashion accessory available in myraid styles and designs. Don’t just go by trends , pick pieces that suit your style, like designer gold bangle or chunky bangles even studded yet sober women watches can add the glitz.

Cool Accessories:Hats /Scarves

Keep your head cool or warm as the season requires and protect your hair too. However, choose to stand out in the crowd. Go for fashion hats or scarves, keeping in mind- the fashion trends as well as your own style statement! As these fashion accessories are comparatively cheaper. you can very well change them according to the changing trends. Just be your trendy self and get the most cool looks of the season!

Shine Accessories : Shades

Stylish shades- the ultimate fashion eye wear for you! Go by trends or your personal preferences, face shape etc. its better to stick to the standard ones in black or brown shades.

Zing accessory: Belts:

Belts have become one of the trendiest fashion accessoried especially slim belts are in vogue. Slim belts go best with colored outfits if you wear them with contrast. The slim belts are thinner in breadth and also shorter, making it easy to carry in the purse . These belts make a woman look slimmer.

Time accessory : Watches

If you are a student then buy some colorful watches or if you are a working women buying some formal watches should do. Consider buying both slim and stout watches to go with your formal and informal look.

Dazzling accessory: Diamonds

Diamonds are forever, A girl’s BFF. Rings , earrings, necklaces , bracelets. No matter what form, these stones will always add dazzle to your personality.

Glimmer accessory: Cocktail Rings

The most affordable fashion accessory that can be bought easily by shelling some few bucks. They team up well with your casual as well as formal look.

Flamboyant accessory: LBD

Possession of a little black dress in your wardrobe can be really beneficial. Whenever you are not finding anything to wear for party just wear that black dress without thinking about any other outfit. Look for a dress that is unique , with a detail like an interesting sleeve, an embellished neck etc. Just get the right fit! 

Don’t forget to wear a Smile and be your amazing self. That’s all ladies. Be happy and enjoy fashion.

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