Office Wear

If you love to experiments on newer looks, your office wear should do much more than earning pleasant compliments and wows. It must reflect the “person you are”.

Here are some suggestions to spice up your work wardrobe a bit.  

Trousers: Redefine Your Personality

Grab a pair of well-fitted, straight fit cotton or polyester pants or wide legged trousers to look stylish, cool and professional at workplace. This popular attire can get boring and monotonous if you adamantly stick with regular shades like blacks, beiges, navy blues and greys.  Introduce some different colours into your wardrobe like blue, plum, purple, and maroon. However, perky pink and wild prints would be much riskier in the office setting. Team your trousers with tops in softer feminine colours like lilac, ice blue soft pink or ivory. During winter, add short jackets or blazers for comfort. However, wearing long trench coat will look simply ridiculous.Your office wear would remain incomplete without a nice pair of closed-toe heels, a smart leather belt and some sleek jewelries.

Skirts: Flaunt Some Style

Pencil skirts made of khaki material, cotton or linen are great option for daily office wear. You can also choose flared skirts. Ideally, high waist pencil skirts can make you look slimmer. Tuck in cotton, polyester or silk top/ shirt to accentuate the right curves. For a clean look, wear a cropped jacket that fits well and doesn’t give a bulge around the waist. Keep your skirt’s hemline slightly below the knee. For cooler weather, wear long skirts made of twill, cotton or wool fabrics for a refined professional look. A-line skirts are the best options to balance out larger body frames.

Go for well fitted or  pleated shirts (along with trousers) that perfectly hug the curves. While opting for a suit, choose a shell top (formal version of a tank top) in neutral colours like white, black, or beige. Go for a shell top with a conservative neckline. You can also try out embellished neckline such as lace or embroidery. you can also select collared pinstriped or brightly coloured button-down shirts teamed with a formal suit. A silk scarf with string of pearls can easily feminize this serious, conservative look. A turtleneck top is another good option perfect for -air-conditioned office rooms and cold months. If you dislike long-sleeved versions, decide on sleeveless turtlenecks. A blouse can bring a fresh, feminine touch to a tailored jacket or blazer. Alternatively, you can take off your short coat while sitting or working.

Indo-Western Wear:  Mix-n-Match Trend

Office wear like pant suits or skirt suits have become obnoxiously common. Bring a twist in your regular office wear by adopting fusion style. This trend is fast catching up across the globe. The Indo-Western concept is about mixing and matching Indian silhouette with Western design or vice versa. The Indo-Western wear is designed on western influence keeping intact Indian textile heritage and styling. Fushion wear has a fresh, modern, avant garde appeal which allows the wearer to flaunt the best of both worlds with élan.? Well, it takes loads of confidence to sway in a designer Indo-western wear and turn some heads!

Kurtas with Trousers:

The kurta or kurti is a collarless, loose-fitting (usually long-sleeved) top with length falling between the waist and the mid-thigh. This garment is not meant to be tucked into trousers. Though Indian in origin, it is widely worn in different parts of South Asia such as Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Front-opening cotton kurtas featuring Chikan embroidery on the neckline and sleeves are ideal for both summer  seasons.Linen kurtis or tunics with little embroidery also looks elegant. The subtle yet ornate style will bring elegance to your formal look. Silk and woollen kurtas can be stocked for cooler months. Petite girls can go for round neckline whereas women with large bust-line can safely wear  V-shaped neckline. Kurtas can be worn with slim-fit or straight-fit dressy trousers. Women sometimes wear kurtas over leggings. Some kurtas’ open neckline come fastened with tassels, buttons  Accessorize this fusion look with pearl, 18K gold or beaten brass ear studs for a clean, chic look.Don’t overdo the make-up and accessories. Wear smart high heels withy this attire.

Ethnic Skirts with Blazers:

Women working in media or advertising domain can sport this look to get nothing but compliments. Skirts are versatile and reflect femininity. Today, modern ethnic skirts are available with different cuts, and innovative seams catering to all female forms. For wrap-around A-Line styles, instead of sticking with solid colour, explore exotic prints, earthly hues and subtle adornments. Team with a pastel colour top and a dark, cropped jacket to achieve perfect balance.

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