Scarf Style

A dash of color, a spark in your attire to set you apart and a personality oozing with confidence defines you. Ordinary attire can get a boost with scarves to accessorize them. Tie a scarf on your pony tail, wrap it around your neckline or use it like bandana, scarves fit well as an accessory.

It is a girl’s best friend to enhance dull attire or a woman’s prized piece of cloth meant to make her dazzle in her hang-out eves.

Follow a few of our favorite scarf styling tips for getting extra points as a Fashionista.

Casual Swing: 

Get a sophisticated look with this simple yet classy drape. Fold your scarf in half, wrap around your neck and pull one loose end through the loop, followed by the other end as if weaving a basket.

Butterfly Drape: 

Wrap up the drape so that two thirds portion of it is left loose from the neckline. Use this portion to cross over followed by tying a lose knot and then pulling it up slightly.

Halter Drape: 

With two corners tied snugly around the shoulders and the other two around the waist, this drape should be complemented with a tube top or a bandeau. Wear an extra blazer or a coat to give yourself a professional look.

The Simple Knot Tie: 

Wrap the scarf around the neck in a simple knot and arrange the tails in a fashion so that one end falls on top of the other. This is simple but as someone had rightly pointed out, beauty lies in simplicity.

The Backwards Wrap Tie: 

Folded half and then draped over your shoulders so that both the ends are on one side and the folded center on the other side. Make a little space in the folded center and allow the make the ends pass through it. This is just a perfect look during winter mornings with danglers and tied hair to complete the look.

The Backwards Wrap + Knot Tie: 

For those extra long scarves which might be a cause of botheration, style it under a blazer so that the tails end up hanging below the hem line.

Bow Tie: Look elegant in your serious office attire by making a loose bow at the neckline of your collared blouse or shirt (similar to tying shoelaces).

Wrap Around: 

Twist your scarf into a thick rope and loop it twice around your neck tying in back.

Shoulder Wrap:  

Achieve this lovely, relaxed look by simply draping a large scarf around your shoulders. This will create an illusion of a trendy bandana on the shoulders. Tie the loose ends into a knot either on the front or to the side for a smart, off-the-shoulder look.

French Twist: For this Parisian styling, grab a lightweight scarf and drape it closely around your neck twice. Knot the loose ends to complete this classic look. Très chic!

Double Knot: 

Sport a trendy asymmetrical look by tying two knots at varying lengths of your scarf and drape around your neck. This look works pretty well for the office as well as for the weekend.

Accessorizing with scarves

Bow Tie Belt: 

To go back to the days of games and all play, wear your scarf so that it appears just like a bow tie around the waist.

Pimp Out Your Ponytail: For an urgent need to settle your hair, make a quick tail and take your silk scarf from your purse and tie it at the base. This shall give an extra edge to your glamour.

Silk Necktie: Are you jealous of men who can accessorize themselves with a neck tie? If yes, then when not try the same with a scarf and look all enchanting?

Easy Clothing With Scarves

The how, what, which, when related to donning your outfit with contrasting yet complementing scarves is detailed out below. 

Funky scarves to glamorize a casual outfit: Pair up a silk scarf with skinny jeans and a pretty simple top. Take a dainty hand bag and wear ladylike pumps and you are ready to rock the floor. Some times give it a casual swing, sometimes use it like a shoulder wrap. At other times give it a French twist or a wear it like a bow tie. Make the eyes go green with jealousy and be the boss of charming fervor.

Push you style quotient with woollen scarves: 

When you are going through your wardrobe makeover especially during the season of chill, then don’t forget to keep a little place for those contemporary looking woollen scarves to give a trendy look to your winter outfit. Pair a loose woollen scarf with a tight fitted cardigan/sweater or compliment your bulky sweaters with thin woollen scarves.

Fringe scarves bring coolness to summer outfits:  

To look all fruity and gorgeous to beat the summer heat, buy a few fringe scarves. Use it to wrap around your neck while indoors or tie it on your head while you are under the blazing sun rays.

Sequinned scarves with a sexy evening wear: You can also pair an elegant dress with a sequinned scarf. This will add glitter and glamour and shall make you the fashion queen of the evening party.

The tips are only for your help. So be your best judge and drape yourself in magnificent scarves!

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