Things You Can Do to Instantly Look 10 Pounds Slimmer

Want to look slimmer without strict diet and exercise program Now, you can look 5 kg lighter in just 10 seconds with our figure flattering style tips that will surely help to nip, tuck, and conceal unwanted body fat.

Not To Wear Boring Dress To Work

Great Fitting Pants:  To slim a bottom-heavy frame, grab a pair of trousers with a flare leg or straight cut. This attire will surely make your look taller, slimmer, and obviously leggier. Stay away from pockets and pleats. You can safely bet on pared-down trousers with flat-front slacks that subtracts additional pounds. Wear your trousers slightly above your natural waist and let it extend all the way to your shoe tops.Go for darker shades since lighter hues tend to make one look bigger.

Tips: Choose dressy pants made from soft, stretchable fabrics that gently glide over your curves. 

Figure-Hugging Pencil Skirts: Baggy skirts can make you look very drab by accentuating your problematic areas. Play with tailored pencil skirts in solid colours or wool gauze A-line flared skirts (reaching maximum upto the knees) to camouflage hideous bulges and highlight feminine curves. Experiment your look by teaming your skirts with slim leather or faux leather belts for additional élan.

Tips: Neither wear too loose nor too tight clothings and undergarments to disguise less perfect body-parts and create an elegant silhouette.

Simple Denims: Go for unadorned boot cut or straight leg jeans without pockets, embellishments, bows or detailing. Choose darker wash pairs for slimming effect. Pair your jeans with high stilettos for a super-flattering look.

How to Hide Your Fat Belly

Body Shapers: These wonderful undergarments can slim your tummy down instantly. Spandex extra-firm belly control shapers smooth bulges while lifting breasts and the back. You must wear them under pencil skirts, A-line dresses and tops.

Sport Fitted Dress Shirts with Smart Blazers: Balance top-heavy body shapes with tailored shirts in floral prints, plaids, checks, vertical stripes, and polka dots. Accentuate your womanly lines by wearing short jackets reaching only to the waist.

Tips:Try out dresses, skirts, skirts and trousers in any fabric blended with Spandex such as fine cotton, cashmere or jersey. Avoid flat, bulky fabrics such as wool gabardine, silk, corduroy, crushed velvet, leather, suede, brocade and flannel.

V-Neck Topwears: Invest in wraparound, knotted front, wider v or sweetheart neckline tops to draw attention towards your face and create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Collect V-necklines in tank-tops, camisoles, tees, cardigans, dresses sweaters and jackets.

Tips: Safely opt for tops and bottoms in same colour to look thinner and taller. You can also experiment with contrasts between your upper and lower wear to draw attention to your mid-torso. Black is the safest colour to look both skinnier and sexier.

Go for Right Accessorizing

Flattering Jewellery: Long statement neck-pieces draw away attention from wider hips and torso. If you are tall, a pair of big chandelier earrings with sparkly cuffs and a cocktail ring can immediately make you look slimmer and appealing.

Perfect Hair Do’s:  Go for a high ponytail that exposes your bone structure and make the face look thinner.

Match Your Shoes: Pick your shoe tones similar to your bottom wear. This will visually lengthen your bottom half. During winters, go for black opaque leggings with black pumps with at least a 2-inch heel. In summer, neutral skin-hue shoes with tapered heels can extend the narrow silhouette of calves.

Want to look like a Model?

So, are you one of those who adore those models walking the ramp? Yes, of course! You can pretty well look like them. Your clothes have the potential to make you look skinnier. Follow how you can get a sleek frame:

Undergarments: Check what is beneath you. Undergarments really matter since they give your body a frame beneath your clothes. Look for undergarments that fit you well. Don’t wear loose fitting underclothes; as they look like blunder patches over your branded wear. Seamless is the word for good underclothes. A good stretchable fabric of your undergarment can also camouflage the flab you’ve got on your waist!

Colors: Choose your colors intelligently. Never go for light colors at your problem areas. Light colors highlights thickness. Go for dark colors that can hide your bulges. A good idea is to play with colors. You can wear a dress divided into two colors. A diagonal or middle divide always works!

Wear the right size: If you think you can cover your fat well with your dad’s tee, then you’re wrong! You need to wear clothes of your size. Clothes that don’t fit you make you look out of place; of course, since you don’t belong to them.

Necklines: Necklines play an important role. A V-neck often gives you an elongating look. Or, if you are heavier on the buttocks, a wide neck can perfectly give the balancing effect. Avoid collars if you’ve got a heavy bust.

Patterns: Keep in mind that patterns that are bold distract the eye. Go for vertical stripes instead of horizontal. Avoid prints in light colors; since light colors often gives you volume.

Getting Ready For Work:

You’re leaving for office does not mean you’re leaving your comfort zone! Make sure that in trying to win the fashion race, the purpose of your clothes doesn’t fall short. Learn how to make yourself fashionable comfortable!

Fitted clothes: While choosing formal wear, a perfect tailored suit is a prized possession. Clothes really make an impact, especially when you are at work. So, carefully choose clothes that have a flow on your body. Irregular fitted clothes make you look sloppy and clumsy!

Colors: Color plays an important role! Though it doesn’t mean you need to stick to only grays or blacks. Look for soft colors like navy blue, turquoise, ivory white or pastels. Subtle colors not only make you look decent; it gives a professional appeal to you. Also, choosing the right color is integral for your profession; as it gives you the ambience you require.

Shoes: Dirty or informal shoes can potentially destroy your formal look. You need to wear shoes that are well polished, and are not dented. A good quality shoe must be an ideal choice for a formal personality.

Accessories: Remember, you are at office so accessorize as simply as possible. The idea is not to go bland, but you need to make a smart choice while buying accessories meant to be worn at office. Avoid slouchy handbags; they leave a bad impact. Also, a simple hair-do is perfect for office.

Not to Wear These At Office:

Learning the positives doesn’t make you a smart professional. You need to know the don’ts too. Know here what you certainly cannot wear to your workplace.

No-no to See-Through: Pledge decency at office! So, no see-through fabric or strappy tops! Looking sexy is a great idea, but only in parties. At office, a professional must act like one.

Dramatic Make-Up: Too much make-up at office only ends up spoiling your image. A make-up that is natural to your skin, that doesn’t show, is best. Don’t aspire for loud and bright lip colors or eyes dipped in kohl.

Jeans And Tee: Nobody can ever possibly think of wearing a jeans and tee to office! Office is not a casual space. You can look cool in a good pair of trousers too; but jeans certainly look out of place in an office.

Flip-Flops: No matter how much you love your flip- flops, you can’t wear them everywhere! Wearing flip-flops (no matter how costly or branded they are!) to office is a bad idea.

Unbuttoned Jackets: If you are wearing a formal jacket, it has to be neatly buttoned up! Unbuttoned shirts or jackets only reflect your clumsiness!

How to Dress up for Wedding?

Is a family wedding on its way, and you can’t decide what to wear? It is really not that difficult if you follow these things:

For Day Wedding: If the wedding is in the day, then try wearing light colors that make you shine in the sunlight. Avoid blacks and shimmers; since they are meant for an evening party. Keep your make up light and rosy. Men can go for linen suits that are light-colored. Men should avoid confusing and mixing their formal wear and what they wear at a wedding. Men too can play well with colors.

For An Evening Wedding: Go for darker shades. If you are a traditional, go for saris that have a subtle shine. Otherwise, young women could go for dresses. You can now take the liberty for a dramatic make-up: though, never over-do it. Else, your face would appear like a cake of colored powder! Men can go for black suits. Or, if you want it semi-formal, take a nice linen shirt; team it up with a pair of dark colored trousers and a tie.

Accessorize Well: No matter how good your dress is, without accessories, it remains incomplete! So, take out those chandelier earrings and gleaming bracelets out from your closet now! Let them jangle and make sound; to only add music to the wedding bells! However, avoid very long earrings if you have a short neck. A choker necklace is ideal for people who have short, slim necks. A stone-studded clutch would add to your look.

Things to Never Wear: A wedding is a religious ceremony; so anything that is too exposing doesn’t make you look good. It’s a misconception that to look sexy, you need to reveal. You can look stunning and sexy, and at the same time decent, if you choose the right dresses.

Shoes: Women can flaunt their high heels that are embedded with stones and sequins. A flashy heel doesn’t always guarantee good looks, though. So, look for stilettos that look elegant. Men should go for semi-formal shoes like suede or desert shoes.

How would You Dress up for Wedding:

You are never too old to look young! With age, people usually develop little bulges. But it’s not a worry when you know how to dress right!

Plain White Tee: No matter what, a plain white tee-shirt would never disappoint you! A white tee while makes you look younger, it helps you concealing the extra fat. Choose a good quality fabric while going for tees.

Cropped Pants: While making you look younger than your age, cropped pants give your legs a nice, balanced shape. Especially if you are heavier on the lower side, cropped pants can give your body a sleeker look.

Right Footwear: Choosing the right footwear is necessary. If you wish to flaunt your curves, heels are an ideal pick. However, if you prefer comfort over anything, a good pair of sneakers can never betray you. Both heels and sneakers look good in their respective spaces.

Be Economic With Your Accessories: Accessorizing is essential. But over-doing it makes you look like a cluttered grocery shop! Adorn yourself with accessories that suit you. For example, too bright and colorful hair-clips are a total spoil! While a decent hair-band or a nice hair-clip is a good idea.

Look Bright And Young In Your 40’s:

Growing older is not in your hands; but behaving not older is! You are in your 40’s yet you want to look as glowing as you were in your 20s? You just need to get the right look.

Don’t Dress Like An Oldie! Yes, you have the next generation at your home, but that doesn’t mean you need to dress like an oldie! Wear chirpy clothes that are bright, colorful and of course, young. If you can look good in a dress then why not wear it!

Chopped, Layered, Colored Hair: Give yourself a make-over by getting your hair chopped! Layers look great on older women, as they give liveliness to the face. You need to get those grays colored. Gray hair makes your face looks dull and wrinkled. Experiment with new styles.

Don’t Remain Stagnant: You need to be experimental with your styles. Adapt new trends. Don’t keep sticking to old ones; those are outdated now. So, check out what’s new in the store. Confidently go for it!

Relax And Rejoice: It’s high time you take out some leisure time for yourself! Visit salons and pamper yourself with spas and massages. A relaxed body always reflects in a healthy skin and a happier mind! Be at ease with yourself to stay away from the wrinkled age!

Lastly, improve your posture to project more confidence. Remember, slouchy posture can immediately make you look fatter. With a warm smile and positive eye contact, you are all set to go.

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