Top 10 Must Have Women’s Wardrobe Staples

From now, never go out of fashion trend by stocking your wardrobe with classic staples that never becomes outdated. Listed below are 10 “must-have” basics to aid high quotient on the style platform.


A must have item in every woman’s wardrobe is a pair of jeans. Jeans can be paired with almost anything from a fancy top to a fashionable tunic.

To set aside one’s style statement, choose jeans with different shades of colors and cuts. Jeans are available in skinny, boot cut, flared or boyfriend style.

Little Black Dress: 

When in hurry, no need to worry. Stock your wardrobe with a well fitted little black dress. Enhancing your femininity, such a possession is bound to stand by you when you have no time to stare. A dress that will not only enhance your appeal but will also make you look like a sensuous diva.

Boyfriend cardigans and tees: 

These cardigans add a zing to your otherwise plain attire. Layer it over a plain tee to be the fashion queen of the day. While buying tee, look for variety in terms of shades and designs. A good stock of versatile T-shirts can serve you in your semi formal and casual affairs.


A perfectly fitted blazer can save you a number of situations when you are in lack of coordinating attires. Just throw your blazer on top of jeans-T shirt casual look combo or on top of a formal attire and rush to work or fun without reeling under the guilt of having committed a fashion faux pas.

Trench Coat: 

It is one item that you need near you irrespective of the season. From being a keeper of your dry body, it also gives you a fashionable appearance as you walk down the street. Opt for simple, basic colors that can be paired with any outfit that you are donning. Black is the safest and the best option.

Black Pants: 

For all those professionals out there rushing to client meetings one day and formal gathering the next, having black pants in a graceful savior. Having the potential to be coupled with almost everything – ranging from floral blouse to chic tops, tailored fitted black pants give you the gravity that you seek in not-so-casual affairs.

Pencil Skirts:

Pencil skirts have been in the business of women’s attire since time immemorial. Suitable for either casual or over casual coffee times, such skirts befits every body type and gives the wearer a fabulously classy look.

Day Dresses: 

These attires coming with floral prints or splashed with vibrant colors can make you stand out when you in mood for joy and jolly. Well structured dresses with clean and crisp lines can add a lot of flattering zeal to your overall appearance.


When you are in rush, and lack handful of time to select the perfect dressing attire, you can team any simple ensemble and throw over a trendy scarf to give you that extra edge .Turn away form shabby dressing. These scarves with their multiple ways of wearing and tying can go a long to save you from disgrace.

Here’s couple of basic accessories which can think of…..


Acting like a useful accessory, purses with imagination and trend built into its design should be picked up any day over one which only serves the serve the purpose what it is built for. A colorful purse with a chic outfit can set you apart from the general mass. 


Black pumps are essential to slip your feet into without any thought of causing a mismatch. It can be paired with almost any dress and occasion. Well, to give an extra hint of glamour, keep your foot cupboard with a colorful flirty strap sandal/flat to couple it with simple dresses for an added zing to your persona.

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