Top 5 Ways to Wear Ruffles

An item of high trend and an item to attract or divert attention, ruffles can be put to much use. It can create an illusion or enhance your femininity, find out a few ways as to how you can ruffle up your gorgeous looks

Ruffled Jackets: Do you wish to give out an air of authority yet maintaining your feminine charm? If yes, then coupling tough jackets with ruffles is the best option to achieve the idea of feminine power. From a formal outfit to a glamorous party, such jackets can add an oomph factor to your grave personality.

Ruffled Jacket
Ruffled Jacket

Ruffled Blouses: Pairing up with ruffles on top has been an active trend amongst women style makers as well as seekers. However, since ruffles tend to extract attention, it is essential that wearers give a little thought when it comes to donning ruffles on top.

 Ruffled Blouse
Ruffled Blouse
  • Those who are endowed with a heavy bust should opt for vertical ruffles whereas horizontal ruffles are meant for those with smaller bust. The idea is to take the attention away from the bust or to attract towards it.
  • If donning a ruffled blouse is an idea that makes your head go reeling with doubt, then opting for a simple top with ruffled sleeves that add that extra zing to your whole ensemble can be what you were looking for.
  • Pairing up a ruffle with a tough jacket can bring out an element of masculine strength without taking out your feminine charm completely. It adds an element of dignity to your otherwise appealing character.
  • Teaming up a ruffled blouse with a boot legged jeans to balance the free flowing look or with a slim fit jeans to enhance it are just some of the fashion tips worth a try.
  • To double your feminine flamboyance, pairing up a ruffled blouse with a pencil skirt can do the trick. Such a style statement is bound to enhance the charming woman in you.

Ruffled Skirts:

Ruffled Skirt
Ruffled Skirt
  • When you are in doubt and searching for an option to add few volumes to your small hips then donning a ruffled skirt can help you get out of the situation.
  • For those with broad hips, ruffles alongside the bottom are the ideal option whereas others with smaller hips should aim for the opposite. Ruffles generally tend to attract attention, so focusing on a part which you feel confident about should be the focal point of ruffles. Ruffled skirts should be chucked out of the wardrobe if one is self conscious about one’s legs. In such cases, one should ideally opt for ruffles on blouses or tops.
  • When you are convinced of attiring your personality with a ruffled skirt, then coupling it with simple yet well-fitted top or a buttoned shirt should do the trick of making you look poised. Solid colors with little or no design should be the ideal choice as embellishments tend to compete with the ruffled skirt, thereby considerably reducing the balance in one’s personality.
  • Pairing up ruffled skirts with simple chick leggings can be a smart winter-autumn outfit to make the female onlookers turn their faces with envy.

Ruffled Dresses:

Ruffled Dresse
Ruffled Dresse
  • Ruffled dress is another option to go for that can help a woman stand out of the crowd. For those endowed with a perfect curvaceous hour glass body, opting for such dresses which has ruffles on its collar or sleeves is the intelligent thing to go for. This tends to keep your proud curves in place along with throwing your appearance with a hint of added glamour.
  • Ruffles work best in places which lack volumes. For instance, if one has small hips or bust, then ruffling the said place can create the illusion of volume, enhancing the much required feminine appeal.

Ruffled Accessories:

  • Ruffles on boots along the trim or ruffles of flats just above toes act like an accessory to enlighten your feminine glamour quotient.
  • A ruffled hand bag to carry when you are dressed relatively simple or a ruffled scarf with a plain top can work wonders with your overall outfit.

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