Top Neck Designs for Kurtis

Kurtis are growing in popularity not only in India but in the western world too. kurtis have become a big fashion statement. You can wear them with jeans, leggings or Salwar and they look absolutely perfect. Every woman, of all shapes and sizes loves wearing a kurti. Kurtis can be worn on any occasion and by anyone, from casual wear in the office and college to traditional family events and festivals. You can wear them with dupatta or without dupatta and they will still look very good and stylish.

From figure hugging kurtis to lose flowing ones, they come in a variety of styles and designs. Shorter kurtis look absolutely great with skinny jeans and you can try reducing the length further and paring a short kurti with a skirt. Longer kurtis add flare and volume to your figure and you can wear these with leggings for a stylish ethnic look. Figure hugging kurtis look great on a college going girl and with a proper stream lined cut can look good with leggings and salwars. A plain kurti look good with a traditional neckpiece and a heavily designed kurti works well without any accessories. You can pair your kurtis with a variety of handbags,from the heavy tote bags for short kurtis to a stylish clutch and a smart hand bag for heavy traditional kurtis.

Neck Designs is a basic part of Ladies Suit and Neck Design is most visible and attractive Dress part, if you your neck design is beautiful so your dress will definitely looks attractive. 

So here are some neck designs for kurtis that add a mix of traditional design to modern sensibilities and create a wonderful blend for you.

There are different type of neck lines : –

The Square Neckline

This neckline forms a square cut below the clavicle.

  • A square neckline give an elongated look to your short neck and narrow shoulders.
  • It helps to give the shoulders a broader look.
  • It goes well with Pear shaped body-types.
  • Those with square face should avoid wearing this neckline as it can make your face look squarer.

The ‘V’ Neckline

A neck line that makes a V-shape is a V-neckline. The length of a V-neckline may vary from short to plunging neckline creating an extremely sensuous look for the wearer.

  • It makes the neck appear longer.
  • It creates a slimming effect.
  • If you have a small neck or a round or square face,
  • V-neckline looks good on small neck or a round or square face, as it will give an elongated look to your neck and make your face appear narrower.
  • The V- neckline is good for both with small and large bust size.
  • Those with a long face should avoid this neckline as it will only make long face appear more longer.

The Sweetheart Neckline

A neckline that is shaped like the top of a heart is known as a sweetheart neckline.

  • A Sweetheart Neckline is quite different from a V- Neckline, though the style may somewhat appear the same to some people.
  • The sweet-heart neckline suits women of all shape, size and body-type.
The Sweetheart Neckline
  • The sweetheart neckline is ideal for women with both, small or large bust size.
  • Petite women with small breasts and narrow shoulders may wear them to appear more curvaceous.

The Halter Neckline

A neck line with two straps that close at the back of the neck is a halter neckline.

  • The halter-neck is idle for average to small busted women. It bare your arms and exposes your shoulders.
  • This neck-line suits the most with hourglass body-type.
  • Those with large chest, heavy arms and broad shoulders should avoid wearing this neckline.
The Halter Neckline

The Scoop Neckline

  • A Scoop-neck is a deep U-shape neckline. It has alarge width and a full curve that dips down the chest.
  • It covers all body-flaws and gives an illusion of a good proportion.
  • It looks good on those with narrow shoulders and give maximum exposure and make a woman look broader.
  • Those with smaller bust can go for this neckline.
  • This neck-line will look good on those with a short neck or a long face.
  • Avoid this neck-line if you are skinny or your face is narrow as it will make you appear leaner.

The Boat Neckline

Also known as a bateau neckline is a wide neckline that runs across the clavicle towards shoulder blades and is usually a high neckline.

  • Helps enhance narrow shoulders by creating a widening effect.
  • This neck-line is ideal for faces of all shape.
  • This neckline is suitable for those with small bust-size.
  • It can help balance wide hips to the upper part of the body frame and make your figure look closer to the hour-glass body-type.
  • This is not an ideal one for those with broad shoulders or a short neck.

The Keyhole Neckline

  • May have may forms and shapes.
  • It may be just a simple slit in the neck of a blouse or a dress. This split is usually secured at its top with a hook and eye or loop and button.
  • It may also be a circular or an oval slit in shape that is secured with a button and loop at the top.
  • There is no standard size for the key-hole. It may be cut large or small depending upon the choice of the designer.
  • These necklines are used in the dresses, Swimsuits and evening gowns.
  • This style may look good on women of all ages.
  • Women with small bust area may wear the neckline as it may help enhance a small chest.
  • women with larger bust-size must avoid wearing this neck-line.

Off-Shoulder Neckline

  • This neck-line suits women of all shapes and sizes.
  • This necklines suits women with medium built and an average bust size, the most.
  • If you have heavy arms avoid wearing this neckline. Or pair it with a stole or cashmere shawl to hide heavy arms.
  • This neckline is used in Ball gowns or evening dresses mostly.
  • This neckline suits more on women with medium built, and an average bust size.
  • Pear body shape women can look their best by wearing this neck-line.

Round Neckline

The most common neck pattern followed is round. It is just a simple curve, in deep or shallow round cut.

  • It is a universal neckline that suits women of all types of face cuts and body structures.
  • Best suited on tall woman.

Collar Neckline

Also known as a Chinese collar or Nehru collar, this neckline covers the neck like a band.

  • This style suits Woman of all ages alike.
  • It is usually secured with a button or a hook in front.
  • Women with small bust look great in collar neckline as it creates an illusion of a fuller bosom.
  • This neck pattern should be avoided by woman with large bust size.
  • Woman with short neck should avoid wearing Collar neckline.

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