Types of Tops

Tops are versatile upper wear designed to flatter any feminine body frame. Usually, tops start from the neck and extend till the waistline. These clothings are generally teamed with pants or skirts. While shopping for tops, you must pay close attention to the colours, lengths, patterns and cuts. Flaunting a fashionable short-sleeve, long-sleeve, strappy or strapless top matched with a pair of dressy jeans, a skirt or trousers can completely change the “plain jane” look.

During cold winter months, make a chic fashion statement with trendy tops layered with a pullover sweater or cardigan. Here, we will explain some of the popular styles found in tops. Henceforth, you will be confident to rearrange your tops for every possible occasion.

T-shirt Tops : 
Popularly known as “tees”, T-shirt tops was popularized by European troops during the World War I. They wore them frequently underneath their woolen clothes. Later, the casual yet classy clothing was adopted by the Hollywood celebrities. “Let’s explore some of the common necklines for your professional and casual wear.”

  • Straight-Collar Style: This garment resembles the basic formal shirt worn by males. Typically made of cotton or silk, straight collar tops accentuate the wearers’ neck, collarbones and top of the chest. It can be teamed with formal office trousers and a cropped blazer.
  • Round-Neck/ Crew Style: Girls blessed with hourglass figure, should go for crew tops. These round-neck styled tops perfectly accentuate the curve of the lower stomach and waist. The casual and playful style is good for everyday wear.
  • Scoop-Neck Style: Fashion designers cherish scoop-neck tops for their sophistication and versatility. The top comes with a half-circled swooping neckline deep enough to display significant amount of cleavage. Older women can preferably go for shallow necklines. For sports, casual parties or evening outings, choose a long-sleeved scoop-neck top matched with darker colored skirt. You can also wear it with form fitted jeans or satin golf shorts. These tops come both with and without buttons.
  • Peter-Pan-Collar style: This classic trend is very much in vogue. The top (with or without button) comes with rounded panels on the edges of the collar. The collars can be varying in size (high or low) or in width. Now, every fashionista regard this clothing as a ‘staple piece’ in their wardrobes. This vintage-style top is apt for semi-formal occasions. It brings a retro, feminine and romantic vibe in comparison to pointy collar styles.
  • Mandarin Collar Style: The tops come with a short (ranging from 2-5 centimeters), unfolded, vertically stand-up collar (straight or rounded) rising from the neckline. This style was popularized by the magistrates belonging to the imperial Chinese Courts.

Blouse Tops:
In the late 1800s, blouses originated as loose-fitting unisex shirts gathered at the waist. Nowadays, blouses are available in different necklines, sleeve styles and lengths. Blouse tops made of cotton, silk, linen, and polyester are both casual and comfy. While opting for a sheer blouse, do wear white or black camisole underneath. For an easy, laid-back style, match your classic blue denim or knee-length pencil skirt with a fancy blouse untucked with the sleeves pushed up. For a more casual look, accessorize your top with a plaid scarf and perky colored flats.

  • Cowl Neck Style: This classic style never goes out of style. Excess fabric drapes loosely from the neckline’s circumference. This style not only adds curves to a small chest, but also perfectly camouflages a wide chest with long décolleté line and neck. Women with bigger bust-line and short, wide neck must avoid this style.
  • Boat Neck Style: This neckline is apt for pear shaped body since it brings an illusion of wide shoulders and narrows the bottom half. Staying on top of the shoulder, this neckline is perfect in accentuating a non-existent cleavage.
  • Shawl Collar/ Bardot Style: This open neckline comes with additional drapes resting off the shoulders. This style looks good on both short and wide necks. Women with small or larger bust can safely bet on this style.
  • Wrap Style: This garment comes with distinct V-shaped neckline (high/ low) created by cross-wrapping fabrics, either in the front or back.
  • Peasant Style: These romantic blouses usually made from free flowing materials come with a low neckline adorned with loads of ruffles and embroideries.
  • Baby-Doll Style:These versatile blouses are good enough for both formal and casual wear. This silhouette fits closely to the bustline and falls loosely at the hips.
  • Halter Style: The upper garment involves a single strap around the neck, instead of two sleeves hanging over the shoulders. The provocative garment exposes a large amount of skin of the upper back and shoulder blades. It is ideally worn during warm months.
  • Crop Style: This is a round-necked blouse with hemline ending at the upper part of the abdomen. It is usually dressed with leather jackets.

This stand-alone top does the perfect layering over shirts. Sweater tops both long and short sleeved come with different necklines such as swoop neck, v-neck, and crew-cut styles. You can choose zipped-up, hooded or pull-over styles for a casual, sporty look. Transparent swoop and V-neck sweaters make perfect formal or fancy top. 

During the 1990s, tops with shirt collars and chest pockets labeled as “dress shirts” gained immerse popularity. Knee-length shirt-dresses can be aptly worn with slim pants, leggings or tights. You can flaunt a casual yet flirtatious look by wearing a shirt-dress with a interesting belt above the waist.

Tunic Tops:
This ancient garment was first designed by the Byzantine Greeks, but popularized by Roman Empire citizens. Ideally, this knee-length dress with short sleeves is worn over leggings, stretch pants, jeans or tights. In Middle East, loose fitted tunics or Kaftans reaching up to floor length are worn by both women and men.

Tank Tops:
These top come without sleeves or straps. It is ideal for petite girls. Tank tops comprise of a band of material around the chest, and leaving the midriff and shoulders exposed. In many styles, tank tops cover the belly.

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