Wear color according to your Zodiac Signs

Every one of us has a liking for a particular color. Some may like fiery red, while others may like spiritual white. Some would prefer light blue as it reminds them of the calmness associated with the sea and some may like black, the color of power. But colors are also an important aspect of our sun signs. Every sun sign is dominated by a particular color, which has a special meaning or significance. Intending to know which color dominates your sun sign? Simply read on to find out more.

Aries is ruled by Mars, which is also known as the red planet. Therefore, red color is related to people who have Aries sun sign. Red is a very energizing color and is associated with qualities such as aggression, energy, and action. It is a wonderful color and helps in motivating a person. However, the flip side is that the color may also cause restlessness, tempers flaring up easily and an increase in blood pressure.


The color associated with Taurus is green. Green is usually associated with the environment and as such your hearth and home hold a very important place in your life. It would be no surprise if you are fond of maintaining a nice garden or keeping a few plants in your home, as these things are linked to the color green. You may also be well-versed in the financial aspects as green, at times, is also associated with skills in money matters. If you are a Taurus, then it means that you have a sensitive heart.


If you are a Gemini, then orange is your color. Wherever you are – at a party, wedding or some other social engagement – all eyes will be on you and for this, you have to thank color orange – it signifies sociability, diversity and inspiration. These are the factors that usually make a person successful and well-admired. As you are quite a sociable person there is a good possibility of indulging in some high-level engagement with other people. This is a fabulous color and will propel you to undertake adventurous activities.


The color of Cancerians is violet. If your zodiac sign is Cancer, then it means that you are an idealist individual because this color represents idealism. As the violet color is aligned with crown chakra, it means that the people with this sun sign can expect spiritual growth. They have deep understanding and higher consciousness. However, violet is not the only color for you. Other colors that may suit you include red, white and yellow.


If you are a Leo, then what else than the color yellow to signify that you are the lion of the jungle. Yellow is a marvelous color and depicts the characteristics of courage, humor, strength and intelligence. If you have all the four then you really are unbeatable. Yellow comes with lots of positivity and is also the color to rely on during difficult times. When you are feeling low and all out, color yellow can put you right back up. So, at such times wear clothes that have some tinge of yellow color. Yellow is the color of the all-powerful Sun, which is the ruling planet of Leo. Just like Sun is the center of attraction, so are you. But heed one warning! As a Leo, stay away from blue and white colors. They may not be good for you.


Blue is the color for Virgos. It is associated with calmness and tranquility. Virgos are reliable and people usually reach out to them for any help they need. Blue, incidentally, is considered a helpful color. Virgos are well-adapt at helping people out and attending to their needs. The color blue is aligned with throat chakra. Since throat is associated with speech, superb communication skills come naturally to them.


The color for Librans is green and it is aligned to the heart chakra. As green signifies nature and healing, this aspect of the world is an integral part of you. Equating the situation and bringing out harmony around you is a child’s play for you. You never back down and move ahead fearlessly to conquer your goals. Wearing green would make you feel good, a lot more confident and healthy.


Scorpios are very passionate people and this is because their color is red and it signifies this trait. Some of the characteristics of this color are love, sensuality and manifestation. If you wear red, the situation will definitely work in your favor. You do not know that there is a fire deep within you. All you need to do is know your value to kindle that fire. Apart from red, which is your lucky color? Well, you may also consider orange, white, and yellow. But, be sure to stay away from green and blue.


Violet is the lucky color of people whose sun sign is Sagittarius. The color signifies that you have a lot of guts and enthusiasm. You are adventurous in the aspects of wisdom and understanding, and your nature also has traits of spirituality. You are always in pursuit of gaining more wisdom and a higher level of understanding.


For Capricorns, the color is indigo. Confusion does not bog you down as you have the ability to see through it. Though you may not be good at taking risks, but intellectual alacrity is the gift that has been bestowed upon you. And you obviously have a lot of instinct. But do wear indigo colored garments as they would help you in staying focused.


Violet is the color for the Aquarians out there. It is a very extraordinary and energizing color. You are quite a creative person and can remarkably express yourself through the mediums of writing, art and music. Wear indigo and you will always be full of creative ideas. Apart from that, violet is also associated with peace, devotion and spirituality.


Your color is indigo and it is an awesome one. This color has a very deep energy. It will always help you attain a positive outlook in life. You are endowed with the gift of perception. This gift is not only great for you, but for others as well, as you can help them realize their dreams and aspirations. So, try to wear clothes that come in indigo color or have a shade of it. Other colors favorable for you include orange and yellow.


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