What Power Color to Flaunt if you are a LEO?

Leo, the king of all planets, is ruled by the sun, and the Sun is considered to be the most powerful and authoritative planet among all. The significance of the Sun is immense as every other planet in the solar system revolves around the Solar System. Leo is indicated with the symbol of Lion. People with Leo as the zodiac sign tend to be more determined and courageous. They have a commanding nature and believe they are born to exercise authority. They have a frank and independent nature, quick to anger and quick to forgive. People with this zodiac sign as Leo make good leaders, are generous and have a high opinion of themselves. They are seen with good powers of perception and observation. Their most common traits are that they are action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved.

Sunday is the day allotted for the Leo and the colors that are sure to bring good luck and prosperity for them are Orange, Yellow, and Mustard Yellow. On Monday the Leo should wear White, Tuesday is for Pink and Orange color shade. These are summery colors that represents happiness and enthusiasm and it offers you radiance and much-needed luck in your life. Wear these colors when you have an important meeting and you’ll do great. On Wednesdays wear Royal Blue and Thursday is Light Orange and Mustard Yellow. For Friday a Leo should wear White. Off-White is to be worn on Saturday. Finally, Sunday is reserved for Orange and Red. A Leo should avoid Black and Grey shades of color from their life forever.

Colors that do not harmonize well with the Leos are the pale and pastel shades. They do not go well with the Leo temperament.

Apart from this, you will find that any bright colours like golden, red,orange,cream are the favorable or lucky colors for people with Leo as the zodiac sign. Using this color balances the negative chakras in your life and boosts up positivity in your aura. If you surround yourself with such fulfilling colors, you would be amazed to see how they benefit you, and how they would fill your life with happiness and success, which could make your life worthy and fulfilling for you.

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