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Tunic tops

Tunics have evolved a lot since the days, when it was worn by the ancient Romans. Today, tunics come in different shapes; it can be till mid-thigh, above the knee or waist length. Tunics can be made out of various fabrics like cotton, georgette, lines, crepe, silk, chiffon and stretch jersey. Modern tunics can be worn in different ways; the wearer can come up with their individual style of wearing it.

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Dotted Black
Rs. 850Out of stock
Peach Polka
Rs. 850Out of stock
Blue Cotton Top
Rs. 1000Out of stock
Fluorescent Green
Rs. 650Out of stock
Corduroy Printed Salwar Kameez
Rs. 2500Out of stock

Displaying 25 to 31 (of 31 products)

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