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Colors To Wear On Tuesday

We often use colours to describe our moods and emotions. There is a deep link between colors and our moods and emotions.According to color therapy practitioners colours not only affect our emotions but they have healing properties too. There are several benefits to wearing the color of the day.Many believe wearing lucky colors bring luck to those wearing it. Success in professional life is ensured when one wear dresses based on day’s lucky colors.

According to Hindu mythology every day in a week has a presiding God of its own. Wear the colour for each day to remain connected with the planets and increase your prosperity.

Since Tuesday is associated with Lord Hanuman. So choose orange color for your garments.
Red is another most suitable color for Tuesday. Wearing red clothes prove to be good to the wearer.
Links of some red and orange color kurtis below

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Rust tussar Mirror Patch
Rs. 1280Out of stock
Red Printed Cotton Kurti
Rs. 1000Out of stock
Black & Red Printed Kurti with Zari Yoke
Rs. 1100Out of stock

Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products)

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