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Art is basically an expression of one's creativity, wings of one's imagination and extension of one's talent. Art can be evinced in many forms. One such way to express the creativity imbibed in self is through paintings. Paintings are clear expression of a person's creative talent. They are a medium to showcase artistic imaginations of a person. The types of paintings an artist makes depend largely upon the way he comprehends the world. Clothes are also a medium that depicts a person's taste and style. It is a way in which a person is perceived in the world.

In Harmeen-studio, you will find many different categories of glass paintings and designer kurtis. The paintings are true forms of artistic splendor. On looking at these paintings, you will surely feel the creativity and hard work that has gone into making them. Besides the paintings, Harmeen also offers designer kurtis, brimming with the essence of Indian culture. These glass paintings and kurtis are exclusive.

Below mentioned are these diverse categories of Harmeen-studio:

Designer Kurtis
Colorful kurtis giving the fragrance of creativity and excellence are ready to be donned by the females. The true essence of feminism is reflected in these kurtis. Females of any age group can wear these designer kurtis.

God images
In God Images, you will find vibrant beautiful paintings of Ganesha and Radhe Krishna. The beauty of these paintings lies in different forms of Ganesha.

Rare Paintings
In the section of Rare Paintings, you will find paintings such as Getting Ready, Shringar, Taal, Adivaasi, Ghunghat etc. Shringar is a painting in which a lovely lass if dressing up. In the painting Getting Ready, a woman is getting ready for her beloved. These paintings are real pieces of art. A lot of effort has gone into the making of these rare paintings.

Tribute to Picasso
These paintings are a way of giving tribute to the great artist Picasso. In this section you will find glass paintings inspired by the creations of Picasso. Harmeen Kaur has brilliantly reproduced these precious works of Picasso on glass.

Traditional Indian Art
This section contains many paintings dedicated to traditional Indian art and culture. The paintings represent the true essence of Indian customs and traditions.

Flower Paintings
For the people having a flower fetish, Flower Paintings section will serve the need. These paintings are a feast for the eyes. Harmeen Kaur has wonderfully captured the beauty of flowers in these flower paintings. In this category, there are paintings of flowers like rose, sunflower, daisies, orchids etc.

Fish Pattern
There is also a section of Fish Paintings, which contains lovely paintings depicting the beauty of fishes. In this there is a painting called Twins, which shows two similar types of fish. This category has both colored as well as black-and-white images.

Pottery Paintings
Another section that grabs the attention is the Pottery Paintings. There are paintings of pitchers, pots, pocket watch and jugs. The beauty of these paintings lies in the colors and contours of the objects.

Bird Paintings
You can also find Birds Paintings in the Harmeen-studio. There are four paintings of birds in this section.

Ship Paintings
There are three Ship Paintings, which will surely strike your fancy. Titanic, Sailor and Struggle are the three names of paintings in this section.

Paintings of Horses
Horse is a beautiful animal and Harmeen Kaur has wonderfully captured its beauty in her Paintings Of Horses.

Patterns are wonderful paintings that will captivate the surroundings where they are placed. Harmeen has used many colors, shapes, contours, forms and styles to make these unique paintings.

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